2016–2018 MA Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem
2012–2014 BA Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

I happily welcome inquiries of collaboration,
discussions of possible projects, workshops
or requests for an extended CV.

Physical Culture

Physical culture is a collaboration between Line-Gry Hørup, Julie Héneault, Margaux Parillaud and Ursula Marcussen

This project is the outcome of a residency at the Art Department of Subbacultcha, Da Costakade 150 in Amsterdam. Besides an online agenda, it consits of the following 3 events:

The opening: 17th of December 2016

For the exhibition space, we produced a handmade quilted 64kvm wall-to-wall carpet. For the opening we invited for a casual slumber on the carpet and served infused alcohol of pine nuts, maple sirup, olives and cypres tree from the closet marked by the nr. 1

The reception: 31th of December 2016

On New Years day 2015, we invited for a performance on the carpet, consisting of four exercises; warm-up, transitions, stretching and massage. We served a tower of champagne a ‘horn of plenty’ and glazed apples

The finissage: 24th of March 2016

As a closure, we proceeded a publication consisting of text and image reflecting on the topic discussed before, during and after our residency. The book launched with a presentation and reading at San Serriffe in Amsterdam

Agenda: physicalculture.nl

Ny Jord – Tidsskrift for naturkritik

Edited by:
Jeppe Carstensen, Peter Meedom, Sofie Isager Ahl, Ester Fritsch, Christoffer Basse Eriksen and Andreas Vermehren Holm.
Published by:
Forlaget Virkelig

With an anual physical publication, Ny Jord aspires to initiate a conversation about nature where our conceptions and notions can alter significantly.
With contributions from:
Jean-Baptiste Fressoz, Fabien Locher, Rasmus Ejrnæs, Georges-Louis Leclerc comte de Buffon, Frans af Assisi, Eliot Weinberger, Georges Perec, Carl Christian Tofte, Alexander Tovborg, Philippe Descola and more.
Bestiarium 2016

Bestiarium is a series of publications, which are neither
novel, poem, article, essay or any other specefic
category. They exist as a type of beast, published
independently for the first time in Danish.

Margaux Parillaud, Severin Bunse,
Niklaus Mettler and Sabo Day

Virginia Woolf: Et rids af fortiden
Friedrich Hölderlin: Pindar-fragmenter
Joseph Roth: Jøder på vandring
Rasha Omran, Abeer Suleiman: Vi elsker... Vi elsker...
Vi elsker... Og vi smuldrer ikke

Ursula K. Le Guin: De der vandrer bort fra Omelas
Vibeke Grønfeldt: Datter Lili
Jørn H. Sværen: Det færdige værks skønhed

Karsten Sand Iversen, Andreas Vermehren
Holm Anders Abildgaard, Judyta Preis,
Jørgen Herman Monrad, Naja Bjørnsson

Published by:
Forlaget Virkelig

Marcos Lutyens: Memoirs of a Hypnotist 100 Days

Edited by:
Kari Cwynar
Foreword by:
Raimundas Malašauskas
Published by:
Sternberg Press, Kunstverein Toronto and CAC Vilnius
Graphic design in collaboration with:
Goda Budvytytė

Memoirs of a Hypnotist: 100 Days, is artist Marcos Lutyens reflextions on 'the Hypnotic Show' - presented at the documenta 13, consisting of 340 hypnotic sessions in 100 days.
The Lake Radio

The Lake is a place for Music and Sounds.
The radio stream runs all hours of the day and is randomized.
Once a week The Lake hosts longer shows, mixtapes and live broadcasts. The Lake is a non-profit online radio station.

Carla Peer

By the Lake Festival

Visuel concept, website and posters for the festival
By the Lake 2015 and 2016
Curated by:
The Lake Radio

Development by and in collaboration with:

Asger Behncke Jacobsen


Digital flyers for the literary podcast series Slutstranden
The podcast is named after J.G Ballard's collection of science
fiction short stories titled Terminal Beach and published in 1964.
It aired weekly on The Lake Radio in 2015, and can be podcasted here.
Sanders Collection sanderscollection.nl

Website for the collection of Pieter and Marieke Sanders.
Development by and in collaboration with: Asger Behncke Jacobsen
Det Jyske Kunstakademi. Afgang 2015

Curator and editor:
Maria Kjær Themsen.
Graduation students:
Johanne Lykke Poulsen. Sune Lysdal. Stefan Bakmand. Søren Krag. Emilie Rosenkrantz. Julie Stavad. Nat Bloch Gregersen. Mathias Tornvig.

Exhibition catalouge for the graduation show of the Jutland Art Academy. Aarhus Kunsthal (2015) The catalogue divides each graduation student by a wall of color sampled from the main entrance/exit door of the academy. In Denmark, there is a tradition of heavy and enthusiastic display of the national flag in any given case of celebration (hence the stickers)
The Fashion Show 2014

Visual campaign for the graduation show of the fashion department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
Printed matter:
Billboard, sinage from show, newspaper.
invitation, teasers, video adds.
Photography, graphic design, video:
Severin Bunse, Niklaus Mettler and Line–Gry Hørup.

The campaign was digitally built up ongoingly, with a series of images sent out via email and social media. The campaign culminated in a series of printed material at the day of the show.

In the fashion department we noticed an interesting tension between experiment and product. For the visual identity of The Fashion Show 2014, we tested our pre-conceptions on the visual language from current fashion magazines. As we view it, the fashion magazine stands as a tangible representative for the general idea of fashion. The images for the campaign display our position towards the fashion world with the most immediate and simple tools we could get our hands on.

Thomas Hvid Kromann: Marginalia

En række notater om kunstnerbøger
og bogobjekter 2010-2015

Riso-printed at Officin

Imagery of Perfection – A Global Concert

Aarhus Festuge 2015

Bookshop -1 at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art

Bookshop, archive and project space: minus1.dk
Run by Eller med a

Paul Bernhardt

Website for writer and publisher
Andreas Vermehen Holm

Results and Development

A publication which reflects and examins styling, indexing, lifestyle imagery of interior and food photography as a reference and practice discipline. Homaged to the art-educaters R. Broby-Johansen and John Bergers thoughts on how to look at visual reproductions and visual history.

Mentored by: Julie Peeters and Johannes Schwartz. Bachelor project – Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Exhibition: Postjeskade 29-1

Six befriended artists was commisioned to create a piece fitting in a part of an appartment specifically chosen for them. After sending an artist brief to each participant, we received individual assembling plans for each piece. Each artist was assigned to one of the six rooms in the apartment. The solutions were assembled and executed by us according to the plans of the artists, which reached from precise blueprints to loose sketches with room for re-interpretation.

6 pieces exhibited at Postjeskade 29-1,
work by:
Mette Hammer Juhl, Per Rolf Jensen, Simon Littauer, Grüter+Graf, Daniel Vom Keller, Steffen Kuhn.
Conrad Bosshard.
In collaboration with:
Sabo Day

Niels (2013)(2007)

EDGE: 20 Essays on Contemporary Art Education

Publised by:
Multivers Academic, Copenhagen (2015)
In collaboration with Anni's

Prop and manuscript for Yvette Brackman's exhibition Agit Flight, at Overgaden (2015). In collaboration with Anni's

Unseen Recordings: unseenrec.com

Unseen Recordings is a web channel for experimental music.The site works both as an online archive and a publishing platform

Paul Bernhardt.

Bjørke Lemche: bjorkelemche.com


Visual identity for Copenhagen-based documentary film festival www.cphdox.dk

The concept of the 2013 visual campaign, was build on the act of vigorously trying to express importance with basic and universal means, in the case: punctuations marks.