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Morti Vizki: Dit Hjerte. Samlet dramatik 1987 – 2004
(collected playwrights by Danish poet Morti Vizki, 1963-2004)
Published by: Forlaget Arena, 2019
170 x 214 mm, 936 p.
Physical Culture
Invitation, 2017
Vandtrapper by Ragnhild May, Kristoffer Raasted and Morten Winther Nielsen
180g Vinyl, incl. booklet with graphic scores and poem by poet Inger Christensen.
Made with Orin Bristow. Released by Aabent Forhold, 2021
Visual identity for the association ORBI, who initiates various seasonal school programmes taking place in the country side of southern Jutland — such as the Summer School of wood company Dinesen and Institut for Architecture and Culture of Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design, Conservation.

Bodil Bech: Æterfingre reder mit filtrede hår
Udvalgt og redigeret af Nanna Storr-Hansen
(selected work of Danish poet Bodil Bech, 1889-1942)
Published by: Forlaget Arena, 2020
140 x 200 mm, 104 p.
Georges Perec: Verdens rum og andre tekster
(Danish translation from the French original: Espèces d’espaces by Christian Yde Frostholm)
Published by: Forlaget Arena, 2016
125 x 175 mm, 428 p.
(Visual concept made in collaboration with the author)
Gyldendal, 2020
150 x 210 mm, 224 p.
(Translated by Jennifer Russel)
Lolli Editions, 2021
150 x 210 mm, 224 p.
Ny Jord – Tidsskrift for naturkritik, no. 5
(“New Earth” was a Danish periodical on nature critique, 2015-2020)
Typeface by Paul Elliman
Published by: Forlaget Virkelig, 2020
230 x 160 mm, 664 p.
BLOOD: The Poems and Archive of R. Broby-Johansen by Line-Gry Hørup
Published by: Kunstverein Publishing, 2020
190 x 235 mm, 400 p.

BLOOD is the first comprehensive English translation of the first and only poems of Danish art historian, communist activist and writer R. Broby-Johansen. Translated, edited and designed by Line-Gry Hørup(with literary guidance of Phillip Baber), Broby-Johansen’s poems are accompanied by a series of full colour photographs by photographer Johannes Schwartz, which document a visit to Broby-Johansen archive at the Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen.

BLOOD was selected as one of The Best Dutch Book Designs and nominated for the Danish literary prize Schadeprisen. It was also chosen as one of the best artist books and literary books by the Danish newspaper Information.

In 2021, BLOOD was launch in Copenhagen, celebrating the opening of stanza as well as the centenary of the original publishing of the Danish BLOD poems in 1922. At stanza, BLOOD was presented along with a series of extra special photographic prints, original printsheets from the publication, as well as an antiquarian assortment of Broby’s own books to flip trough upon visiting.

Available here: KunstvereinIdea BooksAfter8BooksRileBOOKS at RETKirkegaards, Six Chairs Books, Printed Matter, Stedelijk Museum and stanza.

Visuel identity for artist-run centre Western Front, 2021. Developed in an ongoing close collaboration with executive director Susan Gibb.

Western Front was founded in 1973 by artists Kate Craig, Glenn Lewis, Eric Metcalfe, Michael Morris, and Vincent Trasov, composer Martin Bartlett, architect Mo van Nostrand, and writer Henry Greenhow, who collectively purchased the Knights of Pythias Lodge at 303 East 8th Ave as a communal space in which to live and work. They incorporated as a non-profit society in 1974, and named the organization Western Front in reference to the building’s pioneer-like façade, its geographic location on the West Coast of Canada, and their pursuits with avant-garde art.

Website: was made in collaboration with programmer Paul Bernhard.
Custom made typefaces “V-o-i-l-a” and “Western Front Serif” was made in collaboration with graphic designer Ronja Andersen.

Forfatterskolens Afgangsantologi 2021
(Yearly anthology of The Danish Academy of Creative Writing)
Cover illustration by Kinga Bartis
Typeface by Ronja Andersen
Published by: Forfatterskolen, 2021
150 x 210 mm, 168 p.
Viscose — N°2
(new journal for fashion criticism)
Made in collaboration with Laura Silke, Jeppe Ugelvig and Filip Samuel Berg.
170 x 215 mm, 214 p.
Man & Bat
Poem and painting by D. H. Lawrence, 1923.
Retyped and printed by Line-Gry Hørup, 2018
Marcos Lutyens: Memoirs of a Hypnotist: 100 Days.
Bookdesign made in collaboration with Goda Budvytytė.
Typedesign by Line-Gry Hørup.
Published by: Sternberg Press, 2015.
110 × 175 mm, 172 p.
Mathilde Søes Rasmussen: Unprofessional
(Photographs and English / Danish prose by the artist)
Published by: Diskobay, 2021.
210 × 280 mm, 240 p.
STANDart Litteraturmagasin.
(Danish literary magazine published four times yearly since 1987)
Cover illustrations are made in collaboration with graphic designer Severin Bunse.
Aargang 35, No. 1 / 3, 2021
170 x 235 mm, 96 / 170 p.
Physical Culture
Poster I, 2018
Physical Culture
Poster II, 2018
Physical Culture: Finissage
Self-published artist book, 2015
135 x 205 mm, 128 p.

Finissage is a collection of text and images following a residency studying methods on physical as mental stretch of time within collective labour. It compiles excerpts of found and written texts (sources include Jenny Holzer: Truisms, Roland Barthes: S/Z, Robert Walser: Helblings Geschichte and Suzanne Rochibaud: The room of nothingness). Photographs document a handmade 64 m2 wall-to-wall carpet and a series of exercises presented during events that took place within the exhibition space.


Line-Gry Hørup is a designer, writer and researcher working independently and collaboratively with people such as poets, writers, artists, designers, editors and curators. She works primarily with the production of books and visual identities.

Her studio is based in Copenhagen and is named Asterpile after a poem in her first publication: BLOOD – The Poems and Archive of R. Broby-Johansen (Kunstverein Publishing 2020). She co-runs project space and studio for graphic design and publishing, stanza.

It is not possible to apply for an internship at this time.

Her work begins from an interest in photography and semantic translation, especially within the relationship between graphic design, poetry and image. She is also interested in ways of teaching (critical) graphic design, fine arts and writing — and currently has a professorship at Karlsruhe University of Art and Design. She has previously been guest lecturer at Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Parsons School of Design – The New School New York and The Royal Danish Academy of Design and Architecture Copenhagen.



Asterpile Studio / Line-Gry Hørup
Vester Farimagsgade 6 — 1606 Copenhagen

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